11 Top Scoring FIFA Corruption Jokes

In news that sent FIFA’s reputation into a dive – the arrest of 24 high level FIFA officials shocked absolutely nobody. FIFA officials were arrested by on suspicion of being involved in a $150 million FIFA bribery scheme. While the they are facing extradition to the US, the Internet has almost broken under the weight of football jokes. Here are the 11 top scoring FIFA corruption jokes breaking the internet right now.

Some jokes were plain helpful

BREAKING: Dept of Justice confirms that those bags of money in the corner of all #FIFA meetings are, in fact, bribes.

“Investigating #FIFA for corruption must be like searching Dunkin’ Donuts for donuts.”



It’s time for Step Blatter to sepp down. #FIFA #puns

Qatar 2022 voting preferences have been circulating…

And live photos of the arrests have been released.

As usual, some are having trouble coming to grips with the issue…


The evidence however, was for all to see.

That text where the FIFA official calls himself “The Bribe Taker” is totally about weight loss, you guys.

FIFA image by Isak Aronsson