Punny Jokes

Two blonde young ladies from Utah decide to take a road trip to Disney World on their spring break. Bursting with excitement, early Friday afternoon they jump in the station wagon and start driving South East. They follow the map, they take turns at the wheel, take turns sleeping in the passenger seat, rarely stop for food and mere conveniences, and their excitement only increases, mile after mile, hour after hour, as they approach the sunny realms of their destination.

Early Sunday evening, shortly after they cross Florida line, the driver spots a road sign. She brakes hard, backs up, stares at the sign in sheer disbelief; she taps her friend on the shoulder to wake her up and she shows her the sign:
“Disney World Left”

They stare at each other for a few moments with tragic mutual understanding, make a slow U-turn and start on their way back home.

Two buddies in a bar after work on a Wednesday afternoon:
“I hear you’re trying to make peace with your wife.”

“Yeah, we spent some time out together last Friday night.”

“Really? What did you do?”

“Well, you know, we tried to gain back some common ground, rediscover common interests, we tried different things…”

“Like what?”

“First we had an early dinner, did some dancing, then we went to the country club, did some bowling, some target practice. We shot bows, riffles, tried some light hand guns…”

“Sounds like a lot for one night, you guys trying hard, hmm? So how did it go? Feel like you’re getting to each other’s heart?”

“Hard to tell for sure as of yet. But I’m hopeful. I may be a little out of practice, you know, it’s been a while for me, but my aim is getting better and better with every shot.”