About Us

It’s funny you know, how hard it is to resist dad jokes when you have kids. I stopped resisting about 15 years before my kids were born. They were some of the funniest jokes I knew. In my house we had heaps of joke books, and I used to absolutely love reading through them as a kid. Little did I know that I was in training for something much bigger, a greater responsibility to pass on these jokes by annoying the living daylights out of my children with them (luckily they’re too young and still think I’m hilarious!)

Why are dad jokes great?

The dad joke, has forever been a source of groans, dismay, and embarrassment for children – yet at the same time something dads just can’t get enough of.

Dad jokes are a bonding experience. Have you ever seen someone so deliberately enjoy the derision and ridicule that a good dad joke brings? This achieves two things:

  1. The kids/family get to bond over a mutual dislike of the dad joke; and
  2. Dad still gets to enjoy the joke for himself!

That’s why I’ve put together this site. I love dad jokes, I love puns, and most of all I love that people hate them (but really they just love them). This is where the greatest dads get their worst jokes (their best material).

Give it a go yourself

But it’s not just for dads! You can play along too if you’re not a dad, or never will be. Here’s how…

Try putting up a dad joke on Facebook and you’ll see how people react. To start off with you’ll hear howls of complaint – but what you’ll end up seeing is a bunch of people who can’t help themselves but enjoy the fun of a good dad joke. Not only that, but they’ll be making their own along the way!